A unique mode of action with a naturally occurring enzyme

Different to other skin brightening solutions, elure™ does not have to penetrate deep and to intervene with the core synthesis of melanin. elure™ alternatively, reduces the undesired excess pigmentation in the upper layer of the skin without the necessity to penetrate deep into the body.

The effect of the active component in elure™ is a system called Melanozyme™, a naturally occuring enzyme exctract. The unique feature of Melanozyme™ is its capacity to disintegrate the melanin molecule after it was entirely composed and already delivered to the upper layer of the skin.

In the first phase of the treatment elure™ locates the melanin in the skin and specifically reduces the darker tone colored areas proportionally, reaching an evenly spread, brighter skin tone.

Stage 1: Skin before elure’s advanced skin brightening solution
Stage 2: (1) Application of elure's MelanozymeTM followed by (2) the activator
Stage 3: Skin after elure’s advanced skin brightening solution

The same effect was seen in numerous clinical studies, which were performed by leading dermatologists with more than 450 participants worldwide. In all of these studies a significant reduction of the darker color was observed. With on-going treatmet, the skin of the participating subjects appeared brighter and with a much better evenly spread skin tone. No adverse effects were reported whatsoever, in long term studies with hundreds of volunteers that were treated twice daily for a few months.

When consistently used, elure™ reduced melanin in the darker areas of the skin, removing the dark-brown color faster than its natural renewal regeneration rate and therefore, a much whiter new layer of skin was exposed. The color of the skin became much brighter while the remaining residues of the melanin were shed away with the normal exchange of the upper skin layers. In any event, Melanozyme™ will not create whiter areas on the skin since its activity is proportionally restrained with the level of melanin in the skin.

Formulated to suit all skin and photo types, elure’s gentle yet rich structure and active ingredients will reveal brighter, more radiant and even-toned skin.

A unique approach to regulate pigmentation and improve skin tone with a naturally occurring enzyme.

Suitable for all skin types.


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